2018 VIPA Championships Results

Thank you to all the players who participated in the VIPA Championships played in Lake Cowichan BC 

Congratulations to the Winners!

Womens Doubles “A”

1st: Damaris Brix & Carolyn O’Brien

2nd: Elizabeth Peckham & Kerry Savory

3rd: Colleen Crowder & Lissy Rauber

Womens Doubles “B”

1st: Evelyn Kaatz & Jen Hlannin

2nd: Sally Morten & Elaine Levell

3rd: Cindy Bruster & Jill Nelson

Mens Doubles “A”

1st: Wayne Russell & Scott Davis

2nd: Randy Oben & Peter Brix

3rd: Thomas Rauber & Clay Toresdahl

Mens Doubles “B”

1st: John Handy & Sean Kennedy

2nd: Mark Lucier & Clemens Smienk

3rd: Tom Sharpe & Ray Bradford

Mixed Doubles “A”

1st: Lindy Arnold & Bob Fish

2nd: Lissy & Thomas Rauber

3rd: Damaris & Peter Brix

Mixed Doubles “B”

1st: Anna Edgar & Peter Korvin

2nd: Debbie Simpson & Wayne Russell

3rd: Jen Hlannon & Neil Martin

Womens Singles

1st: Damaris Brix

2nd: Barb Lawrie

3rd: Teri Kielbiski

Mens Singles

1st: Peter Brix

2nd: Clay Toresdahl

3rd: Bill McKay