Code of Conduct


  • Player safety is #1 – ensure health and safety of all players at all times
  • Stretching and Warm up prior to beginning play
  • Play within your physical abilities – you are playing for FUN reduce risk of injury
  • Maintain high level of hydration at all times.  Drink lots of water!
  • If a ball enters other court – Stop Play Immediately, call “ball on court” to warn other players. Wait for other court players to return ball


  • Members must be respectful when interacting with other club members and guests.
  • Respect all levels of skill and ability. Play with all skill levels.
  • Recognize skill levels of opponents and where appropriate enable lesser skilled players
  • If possible, dependent on number of players, designate courts dependent on everyone’s needs and level of play
    • Advanced court
    • Beginner court
  • Number of Players – if players are waiting for courts consider reducing game score to quicken play
  • Kibitzing (trash talking) teasing of your opponents is part of the fun of pickleball but be respectful if someone is sensitive or voices concern
  • When play is completed and players leave the court, be courteous to players still playing. Ensure ample clearance behind and beside the courts that are in play.


  • Good sportsmanship is the rule
  • Receiving team makes line calls – clearly state IN or OUT
  • Give advice on play – OFF court do not delay play
  • Honor system – Call yourself or partner if in kitchen or service faults


  • Members must act in the best interests of the club. 
  • Members are expected to follow the club code of conduct, rules and guidelines of the club, Pickleball BC and PCO. 

    Outdoor Drop in Schedule

    Contact Details

    • 59-57 Cowichan Ave, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
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